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From:        Francine Bernier  April 20, 2011

Dear Karen,

I discovered your artwork recently and love it so much that I took the liberty of transposing it into 3D scenes in Second Life ("SL") - a fascinating, highly creative platform where anyone with will and talent can build all that imagination allows!

I have been on Second Life for 2 years now, learning something new every day. The arts have always had a great place in my life and now in SL, because I am a writer and I grew up in a family of artists, I recently decided to try to create some way to share my passion for the arts in this "metaverse" (meta-universe). Last month I bought the right to what is called a "sim" (simulator), a large amount of pixels, literally, with server maintenance service. I created a place called " Zed" to bring to life (in 3D scenes) several paintings by surrealists artists that I really like - Dali, Magritte, Gaudi, Escher, etc... and you! All these beautiful ^paintings are the inspiration behind my sim " Zed". You can look it up here, as one of 17 best places to visit in SL: http://secondlife.com/destination/zed-surrealist-adventure (the picture you see there - the boat lifted by giant butterflies - is my personal 3D rendition of Dali's painting "Departure").

I hope you will not mind that I took this liberty, but I wanted to share the beauty of your work with the 30+ millions people who visit and explore Second Life.

Note: Less than one week after opening my "sim" to the public, it was already selected by the Editors as one of the 15 best sites to see in econd Life (out of several thousands) :)

Thank you for creating such beautiful, inspiring scenes.


Francine Bernier

Montreal, Canada

Link to the video inspired in part by my work: VIDEO



From:        The Palm Beach Cultural Council - April 1997


“Cerebralism” is how Karen Rose describes her work.  She defines cerebralism as a combination of surrealism and illusion.  Rose uses a combination of techniques to express her vision, including airbrush and traditional painting.  Her love of Florida’s skies and ocean is apparent through her work, which frequently focus on the sea and sun.  Rose confirms, “The pieces in this show reflect my love for all of the elements that make living in Florida so richly rewarding.”

Rose’s unique style of artistry my be one of Palm Beach County’s best kept secrets.  Her works have been prominent throughout Palm Beach County over the last several years.


Recent E-mail

To:             kaizy@gate.net

Subject:    “Windows in Time”

 Dear Karen,

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy the painting we purchased from you. We were able to get a small set of three dark oak wooden steps which are placed at the base of the wall on which “Windows in Time” is hung. It looks as if the viewer is invited to ascend those steps ... and gaze out the windows at the ocean. We find them very contemplative and calming-a pleasure to sit down at the end of the work day and just unravel. Thanks again. 


To:             kaizy@gate.net

Subject:    Art

 Dear Karen,

Browsing the web and found your art—I really like it!  My favorite is “Art in Public Places”.  I like the way the rose is highlighted by the sky and the arch, yet remains so soft and delicate.  Love your use of colors!


To:             kaizy@gate.net

Subject:    “XS Gallery”

 Hi Karen,  I think your artwork is great stuff! I’m adding a link to your webpage from the “South Florida Entertainment Resource”. You’ve inspired me to seek out South Florida artists who are online and start a new section. In the mean time, I’ll add you to “Steve’s Links”.



To:             kaizy@gate.net

Subject:    Hi there!

 I saw an article on XS about your pictures and entered your web-site.  Just thought I’d compliment you on your pictures. They’re awesome! I like the fact that they’re different and they all have a strong message within them.





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